The Pink Ceiling

History clearly exemplifies the discrimination and limited career opportunities of women and minorities; Gay or Lesbian workers face coterminous challenges. The concept of a glass ceiling has been proven and validated for women and minorities of color. This research was conducted on a similar ceiling (the pink ceiling) and how it directly impacts homosexuals in the workplace. This groundbreaking research is critical to understanding what barriers Gays or Lesbians experience when trying to penetrate the next level of leadership in an organization. The purpose of this research was to: explore the workplace experiences of Gay men and Lesbian women, identify if perceived discrimination occurs in their attempts to reach higher levels of responsibilities in their organizations, and to determine if there is a relationship between Gay and Lesbian workplace experiences and the research published on the glass ceiling women face in the workplace.This book was designed to help educate anyone that leads or supervises a Gay or Lesbian person. We all have prejudices as we are taught how to be prejudice from the time we are born. However in the current workplace climate, where the labor pool has evaporated into a labor puddle, maximizing the potential of every worker, regardless of their sexual orientation, is the hallmark to a healthy, productive, and successful organization.

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