About TAPP

Dr. Todd Arwood

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Vision, Mission, Values

The largest single cost in your company is PEOPLE.

The largest, most valuable asset in your company is PEOPLE.

Your customers (internal or external) satisfaction is determined by PEOPLE.

As a leader, you will succeed or fail by PEOPLE.

All business goals will be met, or will fail to be met, by PEOPLE.

We help you TAPP your greatest asset….your human capital!

What if you could take your human capital and develop them to even greater levels of performance? What if you could create a workplace that helps your people feel energized, competent, and positive while working at peak performance? With Todd Arwood Performance Partners…you can!

TAPP, Inc. is an organizational development company focused on creating a better workplace through our customizable performance programs! We are a company with a true passion for what we do – and a passion and belief that human capital development is the key to increased profits and organizational performance.

Through our programs, keynotes and coaching, we guide and inspire organizations to reach peak performance through the maximization of their greatest asset… their human capital.

Whether yours is a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneurial venture, a not-for-profit or a government or association entity, we can help.


Todd Arwood Performance Partners vision is a world in which individuals can achieve a deep sense of purpose and meaning in their life through their work. A world in which their values can be aligned with the community of people they call colleagues. A world in which they can be more competent and skilled in their profession and, in turn, develop and inspire those around them.


Todd Arwood Performance Partners mission is to be a devoted long-term business partner with organizations to help them achieve enhanced better business results by providing customized high quality performance programs at a reasonable cost while simultaneously helping each and every person we teach, train, coach, or interact with to increase their own self-awareness, reshape or reframe their attitudes, and to fine-tune their skills!


Todd Arwood Performance Partners is an organizational leadership consultancy firm founded by Dr. Todd Arwood. We are devoted to transforming people and organizations using our formal education, years of business knowledge and a people centered approach. We believe that skilled and knowledgeable people are the key to increased productivity and bottom line performance. We value forming a long-term relationship with our clients and have designed our services around this premise. We are passionate about our work and bring skill, leadership and enthusiasm to each client relationship.


Business Model

“Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work.”
-John G. Pollard


Learning Philosophy

Todd Arwood Performance Partners develops learning programs with repeatable and successful outcomes for our clients in the areas of organizational development, management and leadership development, and employee development. The people in your organization will realize a transformation in habits, behavior and attitude resulting in increased productivity and bottom-line profitability.

Our learning philosophy has been created over many years of formal education and designing and delivering quality learning programs.

Browse the web site, if you have a need, or idea that is not listed, let us know. Some of our best programs were created because a client had a need and partnered with us. We look forward to making your organization our partner in learning as well.

Make it a Great Day!

Company History

Todd Arwood founded Todd Arwood Seminars, Inc. in March of 1999 in Louisville, Kentucky. Through a determination to make a positive difference in workplace environments, Todd Arwood Seminars experienced phenomenal business growth and Mr. Arwood became a sought out trainer for organizations seeking excellence. Through the process of working intimately with organizations, Todd Arwood Seminars slowly began to shift business paradigms from just basic seminars to full fledged organizational development via customized learning programs. After months of research and strategic planning, I decided to change the business name and image to more clearly reflect who we are and what we do, hence Todd Arwood Performance Partners.

While our history is a short one, our success would not have been possible without the collaborative relationship we have with each and every one of our clients. For this, we thank each and every client and participant. You have made a difference!